Redcliffe is located in the north-east of the Redcliffe peninsula, approximately 28 kilometres (17 mi) to the Brisbane CBD.


From Brisbane / Airport:

1. Bruce Highway north

2. After ‘Ted Smout Memorial Bridge’, follow ‘Hornibrook Esplanade’ :

3. ‘Hornibrook Esplanade’ until you see ‘Bramble Bay Bowls Club’, then turn left to Victoria Avenue.

4. Follow Victoria Avenue ‘until your see our Huge ‘319‘ number, turn left at Hibiscus Ave for car park!

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(2 mins walk from Victoria At Redcliffe to nearby bus station….)

★From Brisbane CBD: P315
Brisbane CBD Queen Street Stop 60 → Victoria Ave at Bradley Park

★Back to Brisbane City : P315
Victoria Ave at Anzac Avenue, Redcliffe → Brisbane CBD Queen Street Stop 60

★Redcliffe Peninsula Local Area: 693



Redcliffe Peninsula Line – Kippa-Ring Station. approx 3 mins driving distance to Victoria At Redcliffe Bed & Breakfast.

We provide free drop-off and pick-service for travellers!

More information about Redcliffe Peninsula Line please visit this link:  Redcliffe Peninsula Line